Meet the Board

Vet-I-Care is funded entirely by the generosity of our community and through our fundraising events.

Maria Lutz - President

Mark Passen - Vice President

Mark Passen teaches comparitive religious studies and formally owned a national direct marketing company. His desire to work on the board of Vet-I-care stems from his love of animals and his own experience with his dog's serious illness this past fall. Having been admitted to Northstar for nine weeks, Mark and his wife were fortunate to be able to give their companion Cali, a 2 1/2 year old Labradoodle, the necessary care that she needed. During their frequent visits, it was quite evident that many people were not as fortunate to be able to afford to give their pets all of the procedures that they may have required. Vet-I-Care became an option for many of those who faced the very real prospect of losing their loving friends. It was because of the help that this Foundation offered to many of these desperate people that Mark wanted to become a part of this worthwhile organization.

Jodie Masnick - Treasurer

Lisa Minshull - Secretary

Alan Boardman - Board Member

Anne Marie Bodnar - Board Member

Shelly Hetzel - Board Member

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