Apply for Assistance

Vet-I-Care is funded entirely by the generosity of our community and through our fundraising events.

Vet-I-Care is currently accepting applications from New Jersey and its surrounding areas. The actual grant amount will be considered on an individual case basis and fund availability at the Vet-i-Care boards discretion. Follow the steps below to apply for assistance:
  1. Download and complete an application form. Click For Application Form (PDF).
  2. Complete and return the application (to the mail or email addresses listed on application) along with the following documents:
  • Copy of last year's tax return filed with the IRS
  • Proof of Social Security or Disability income, if applicable
  • An itemized cost estimate from the treating practice including the name and license number of the treating veterinarian

PLEASE NOTE: applications received without the required documentation will not be presented for approval. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Any pictures or other documents submitted to Vet-I-Care for assistance will not be returned. Please ensure that you have made copies of all documentation prior to sending.

You will not be considered for assistance if any of the following conditions apply:

  • Your treating vet will not accept payment from Vet-I-Care
  • You have already had services rendered prior to applying for assistance
  • You have applied for, and been approved, for Care Credit
  • You are applying for assistance for routine care such as spay/neuter, vaccines or routine checkups
  • Your treating vet has agreed to a payment plan for your pet's care
In order to apply for assistance, the treating veterinarian must submit a letter along with your application outlining the condition, treatment plan and prognosis for the pet. Please download and print these documents and show them to your veterinarian: Before funds can be granted, the treating veterinarian must agree to accept payment from us and to work out payment arrangements with you for the remaining balance.

Below are the requirements for funding approval:

  • The animal must be a family owned pet with a good history of routine care with a general veterinarian.
  • The illness, injury or condition must be a treatable, yet urgent, condition with a good prognosis following treatment.
  • The family must be able to pay the remaining balance for treatment once Vet-I-Care has made its donation.